Thursday, July 24, 2008

The more I get the more I want.

Whenever I get together with Elana (brown dress) and Shouka (neon shirt), we never run out of things to say and I absolutely love that...but at the same time it just makes parting so much more difficult! We spent yesterday watching black and white Audrey Hepburn films, taking pictures, and chatting at starbucks, which was so much fun. I love how we can get together and talk about anything and everything, including all our fashion obsessions. And we enjoy the guilty pleasures of taking photos of ourselves and chatting at coffee places. Here's a few photographs :o)

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

tehe, I was bonding with Elana's doggie :D

Oh, and I apologize for the lack of in-depth posts lately. Honestly, I feel like I'm sort of coasting through life at the moment. Nothing has been impressing me, let alone inspiring me. I really need to get out of this boring area lol

By the way, anyone see the new Project Runway last night? What did you think? :D


Elana said...

aw i love us! ahh i know what you mean! life is so boring! ...except when we get together and talk nonstop! haha
oh and project runway...we need to talk! :D

emily said...

i loved blayne's dress, i wanted daniel to win, i wanted stella to go home, i'm going to miss wesley because i have a crush on him, I DON'T GET WHY EVERYONE LOVES LEANNE SO FREAKING MUCH, suede's wasn't executed at all well, terri's gorgeousness got ignored.
the end.

di said...

loved the photos!
and the dog its so cute


Anonymous said...

aww i totally love us...i can't wait until next wednesday when we go to spectrum...more pictures :]
ahh i forgot to watch project runway...i'll watch it online and we'll all talk abot it next week<3

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I thought every single piece on last night's episode was ugly, including the winner. they totally gave eco friendly design a bad rep.
Your post made me miss my best friends back home SO much..!! I'll see them in a month, so thats ok.

coco said...

I have still never seen Project Runway. Is it worth watching?
From the pictures I see none of them seem that talented.

Bedroom Talk said...

awww gossiping w/ friends is a must in life I'd explode if I didnt lol

Penny said...

Your friends look like so much fun! I totally know what you mean about feeling uninspired, also because it's warm now I don't want to sit indoors on the computer!


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Fashion Addict said...

Chatting at Starbucks, oh that sounds like something I'm in need for right now! Sounds really soothing, and what's better than real friends? Nice post.