Thursday, February 26, 2009

If this is right then why can't I seem to say what's on my mind?

"Your flirt finds me out
Teases the crack in me
Smittens me with hope

Possibly maybe probably love

As much as I definitely enjoy solitude
I wouldn't mind perhaps
Spending little time with you

Possibly maybe probably love

Uncertainty excites me
Who knows whats going to happen?
Lottery or car crash
Or you'll join a cult

Probably maybe possibly love

Mon petit vulcan
You're eruptions and disasters
I keep calm
Admiring your lava
I keep calm

Possibly maybe probably love

Electric shocks?
I love them!
With you dozen a day
But after a while I wonder
Where's that love you promised me?

Possibly maybe probably love

How can you offer me love like that?
My hearts burned
How can you offer me love like that?
I'm exhausted
Leave me alone

Possibly maybe probably love

Since we broke up
I'm using lipstick again
I suck my tongue
In remembrance of you."

Possibly Maybe - Björk

Sunday, February 22, 2009

you and me are the disease and the germs are spreading.

I'm in such a strange mood, not necessarily in a bad way. Lately I feel like I've been living reality in my own kind of dream, everything is backwards and upside down, and I'm just kind of gliding through it all. Maybe it's because I'm graduating in June, and will be starting my life on my own in July...and everything now is just mundane. I'm here in my Neverland, simply waiting to escape to the next fantasy, to live the life I was meant to live. I'm very excited for the future, but as for the present...nothing feels like it's actually happening. I'm inspired by strange, unexpected, almost creepy things, and see beauty where people generally overlook. I suppose it's similar to the line "beauty in the breakdown". I feel damaged and yet...more like in my cocoon waiting to break out. I don't know, but I do promise I'm completely sober...just trying to figure out my own thoughts and feelings haha. xD

On a completely separate and random note; if you have twitter, follow me! :) Don't have twitter? You have to get an account, it's addicting and also a great way to network~

Another random note: 2 songs I can't stop listening to; Suffocated Love - Tricky & Book of the Month - Lovage. I feel like they really capture the weirdness of my mood :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

for every night I dream, the more I do believe...

Sorry for my two week absence! A lot has been going on, and I just couldn't bring myself to post. I'm sure it's obvious that my photo collages are based on my personal inspiration of the moment, so when I'm not feeling very good, there isn't any inspiration to post. I had to deal with an overwhelming amount of school work, boy drama, and then I caught an awful fever. Everything is better now though, but I'll spare you guys the details :) I have learned: 1. Not to be so quick to trust people, but those that have proven their loyalties I treasure deeply. 2. The quote, "Never give up someone you can't go a day without thinking about", is absolutely true. 3. A "to-do" list makes everything seem a little more bearable. 4. I need to pay more attention to if I'm getting the proper nutrition, not just snacking on cupcakes, but making sure I am eating enough fruits and vegetables. 5. I have become addicted to working out and fat-free yoplait yogurt :o)

This song makes me feel so happy :)

I went to the mall yesterday, and when I walked past the MAC store I actually saw the hello kitty Chippendales dancer from this video!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

want to ignore this hesitation, but i just need a little confirmation.

Liking a boy is like riding a roller coaster that never seems to end. Sometimes it's exhilarating, but other times it just makes you feel sick. I've never been so crazy for someone, and yet never been so insecure.

"I wanna be your illusion, be you illusion,
To make you happy tonight...
Enjoy this trip with me.

I wanna be your emotion, be your emotion,
Why don't you turn off the light?
Imagine how we could be living.

Sometimes I wonder why we have no limits,
Everything we do is timed, to find out who we are,
We won't stop playing this special game of love.

And when we get together, the time is running,
I'll be your dream that you'll remember over and over...
If only you tried me, if only you touched me."

illusion - benny benassi