Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nobody's business if I walk, talk, make love.


Sorry for the lack of posts, and I'll be sure to return comments soon! I'm just taking a break from AP Government reading (surprisingly, it is very long and incredibly annoying, despite the fact politics fascinate me).

I am been absolutely exhausted lately! No matter how much I sleep...and it's not like I do rigorous activity. Maybe it's the weather, we've had 60+ mph winds and a fire not too far away so it's been a mix of both warm and chilly air. Perhaps I'm dehydrated...I'm having such difficulty in drinking but none in eating? (Of course.) Worst of all, I feel like I've lost weight in my chest, but GAINED everywhere else. Completely shameful, really.



Hot Bot said...

I hear that women tend to lose weight in the face and bust area first before everywhere else. Damn.
But seriously, feel better soon.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i hope you recover! get energy and keep posting! =)

oh, i took an image from one of your posts, and used it on my blog....whatever, i've linked you and explained that was your image! =)

agnes said...

take good care of yourself, my dear. i know how does it feel of being exhausted, that's what i am feeling now as well.

Take care!
agnes xx

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are always so ridiculously beautiful.

Good luck with the reading! And I hope you feel better soon :)

Valentine said...

would you kill me if I told you that I giggled whilst reading the last sentence of your post?

I only did because I can relate. hehe.. and that's not good because I barely have anything there.. lol.



hope you feel better sweets and get lots of rest.

Dapper Kid said...

Hope you are feeling ok :) Annnd I LOVE this photo!!! Her hair looks amazing!