Thursday, August 14, 2008

i have no sympathy for symphonies.

It's been over a week and I'm still stuck in a rut, ground-breaking inspiration-wise. xD

I did get a chance to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising campus in L.A. yesterday with Elana and Alena. It was so incredibly exciting, I absolutely felt at home, as if I simply belonged there.
I now have until August 26th to complete my application project which consists of sending in a transcript (with my not so stellar grades x_x), three recommendations (school isn't in session yet so it will be hard getting a hold of teachers), an admissions essay, an entrance project (which is to sketch 2 evening wear, 3 career, 3 sportswear, and 2 other designs of my choice), and an application form. *PHEW* I better get inspired soon so I can get started asap!

Anyway, I figured I'd come on and check out my fellow fashion bloggers and let my faithful viewers know I haven't completely disappeared ;)


Elana said...

we are all here to help with anything to help you get in! (especially the essay, apparently! haha) but if you need any help getting inspiration or anything, serioulsy im here!
hope youre feeling better! sorry you had to leave! you missed sitting in the grass, i think you left before my two other friends from ochsa came, erin and kyle had a ketchup and mustard fight and got all over eachother and brooke(who got really pissed off!), greg creeped me out more, jon called and we fought, we washed erin, and we played I Never in the grass.
...and that was me rambling on and on :P haha well i hope yore feeling better!

Seraphine said...

maybe prior grades aren't that important in fashion and merchandising. it's more important to have your own rhythm and people skills, right?
it's how you grade yourself that's important, and whether you are able to deliver.
you can do it.

She's Dressing Up said...

Good luck with the inspiration, what do you have to write the admissions essay on?

Chelsea's Girl said...

hey goodluck w/ your apps process. I actually just started at FIDM last October and I'll be finishing up before next summer. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help! I'm sure you'll be fine and love it!

di said...

good luck with the application!


Ashli <3 said...

If your grades aren't TERRIBLE and you do great on the other things, you shouldn't have an issue.

I go to music school and my high school grades were so so but my audition and interview and stuff were great [apparently..] so I got in.

But that's a whole other story. x.x; Good luck!

coco said...

I've found it pretty impossible to think of anything to write about this week too.
I love the picture you have used.

charlotte said...

i like your blog. kis!

sydneydoll said...
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sydneydoll said...


i have 3 no wait 4 things to say

1. great new display pic.
2. i like the title for this post.
3. fantastic pictures in the post.

thank you for the sweet wishes in regards to my exams.

would you like to exchange links???


sydneydoll said...

added you right back : )

ive never even seen hannah montana.

yiqin; said...

I am sure you'll get it! :)

Anonymous said...

good luck on getting in, im sure youll be able to do it!

agnes said...

love your choice of pic. Catherine is absolutely beautiful there.

elle said...

fab pictures, and GOOD LUCK!! And remember that your application forms and essays count for SO much more than your high school grades!


good luck my luv!! hope you get throuh!!!

Fashionably Early said...

i want to go to FIDM when i'm 18, it looks soo cool!
good look with your project! =D