Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just because I'm hurting, doesn't mean I'm hurt.

It's funny how it can take months, at best, to finally put your trust in someone,
put your full heart in someone. It's funny how, despite your better judgment,
you silence your proper instincts and dismiss it all as paranoia, but
in a matter of mere minutes, it all shatters right before your eyes.
The broken pieces of your heart fall to the floor in a neat little pile,
and the only thing you can do is take the time to bend down, sweep them up,
and gently put it all back together. Realizing your mistakes without trying
to punish yourself. Learning so that next time you will know better.
The truth always comes out. That's just how life works. The universe reveals all.
And when that truth does come out, it can either fill you up with confidence
and positive energy, or it can utterly break you. I don't feel as sad as I
thought I would be. I am strong, and I have so much potential. All I can do is
continue moving forward, chasing my dreams and never holding back.
I'm going to shine so bright.


drollgirl said...

oh dear. i don't know you, but i feel for you. i have been in this spot more times than i care to think about. the good thing is that it gives you a chance to move on and do BETTER! and you will!!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Oh darling I'm so sorry that someone has been careless with you heart. Your positivity and wonderful spirit will see you through, as will the love and support of those around you.

And hey, if a CC "oops" post makes you laugh a little, so much the better!

This collage is lovely and heartfelt!


Twobreadsplease said...

I'm so sorry that someone has hurt you. You have written such inspring things about how you're dealing with it though, I hope things get so much better for you. I love the first polaroid, it's beautiful. x

Ms Unreliable said...

The truth has a way of revealing itself, especially when we suspect we may have known it all along. Intuition is a strange and powerful thing, but learning to trust it is an art form!

Erika said...

As always a gorgeous collage. My heart goes out to you; but you are a creative, lovely spirit who will make it through the darkness. :)

Fashion Moment said...

I am so sorry darling! One hug would be replaced a milion words!


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

think we're all been through this in some way or another, it all make us stronger in the end, hope you feel better soon hon, how about some chocolate to cheer up while watching a fav tv show or film? xx

essence said...

I'm sorry! I hope you feel better soon,
the images are beautiful,

a big kiss!

Victoria C said...

i love that line from the coldplay song. i hope all improves for you! there are lots of us out here who are worried xx

Valentine said...

I love the fact that whilst reading this I got a sense of hope.. because it means that you havent totally given up! Positivity always makes me smile and I love seeing it on other people too. Im sending you good vibes, right now~

Trust, faith, hope and love!


Dooder City said...

People are terrible. Just keep going, keep on trucking.

STEFANIE said...

Oh I'm so sorry for you... What you say is so true, really.

Charmaine said...

very wonderful set of photos. i hope you feel better!

#1 EDiot said...
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weevil eleatic said...

Hi. I found you via localtweeps. You seem smart and nice, and I'd like to get to know you. I need more artistic people in my life.

aim: weevlovesyou

give me a message!

Bella said...

Firstly, big hugs. xx

Life is definitely filled with suprises darling... and sometimes they leave indefinite scars. But all we can do (the best we can do)is start again, onward and upward. Chase your dreams, follow your heart, be brave... and when you reach for the moon, grab a few stars. xxx

fhen said...

sorry to hear that. what you said is true somehow, and i feel for you. I believe you have the strong spirit to be better :)

got an award for you dear. please check it out


chocandcinnamon said...

It's so beautiful, I love it :)

agnes said...

That's very true.

there's always tomorrow, which gives you hope and a time to erase the past history. I know you will make it right.


Maddy said...

I love your blog, all the pictures are gorgeous!

I have just started my own blog about Melb fashion and would love you to check it out and maybe swap links?

Have fun,

Vintage Vinyl said...

Aww.... how I kind of feel right now. You always know exactly how to say things.