Monday, December 8, 2008

souhaitent sur une étoile.

Everyone seemed to be posting holiday wishlists, so I figured I would indulge myself in selfish desires. I got a tad more carried away than previously anticipated, but here are some random items that I am secretly lusting for. I don't plan on getting any of them since I haven't exactly told anyone (all I am telling my parents what I want for Christmas is for them to stop wasting money on their divorce and save up for my college tuition), but all the same it's fun to look things up online and dream of possessing them! And who knows, at this rate I'll probably add more to the list...especially seeing how I am stillprocrastinating my AP government reading.

Madame Rouge Diamante Handcuffs. (I love how Gala turned hers into an accessory!!)
trashydeluxe's filthy necklace. (I love how it looks so pretty, but close up it's slightly naughty.)
Mod Cloth Moulin Rouge Tights
Mod Cloth Corsage Socks
Madame Rouge's OhMiBod. (*blush* You have to admit, it sounds enticing!)
Tokyomade's Chocolate Bag Charm
Tokyomade's Sweet Necklace
Influence by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
fredflare's Disney treasure chest ring
fredflare's Gemini zodiac hoops
fredflare's Disney Magic Castle pendant
paraphernalia's Wonderland White Rabbit Necklace
paraphernalia's Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace
Q-Pot's Eat Me and Drink Me necklaces.
Sanrio's Gemini zodiac Hello Kitty necklace
HealingHeart's Sweet Stripey Lolita Hat
Anna Lou Of London's Metallic Bow Over Body Bag
Anna Lou Of London's Patent Bow Belt
ASOS's Small Bow Ring
ASOS's Satin Bow Hairclip, Satin Corsage Wide Headband, Bow Thin Metal Headband and Double Bow Headband
ASOS's "Fairest Of Them All", Long Swallows and Cut-Out Detail, Metal Bow And Enamel Flower Double Row, Unicorn And Star Pendant and Long Rocking Horse Pendant necklaces
ASOS's "Forget Me Not", "Think Wonderful Thoughts", "Fashion Can Be Bought But Style One Must Possess" and "Truly Fabulous People Never Get Dressed Before Lunchtime" bangles
stoopidgerl's Sweet Alice, Run Alice Run, Pink Lady, Sweets Galore, I Heart Unicorns, Some Bunny Loves Cupcakes, Key To Your Heart, Pink Cuppycake, Bubble Tea, Honey Bun, Drink Me, Smitten, Pink Shroom, She Lost Her Way, Little Red Riding Hood, Hey Mr. DJ, Pretty Kitty, Strawberries and Cream Dream and Another Little Red Riding Hood necklaces


Miss Urbanita said...

Amazing list! Love most of them ;)

Cate said...

The Heloise east west bag link leads to the Miu Miu dress too! But I also love most of the items on the list - I think the accessories really fit your style.

michelle said...

Hm the links seem to be working fine to me :( Maybe try now?

Couture Carrie said...

I love fredflare too!
Good luck with the studying, darling!


Song of Style said...

i want the disney magic castle pendant too! haha

STEFANIE said...

Aah I love browsing at fred flares, which is actually stupid because they don't send to europe! how stupid is that :p

Anonymous said...

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