Monday, May 19, 2008

curiouser and curiouser...

Is it summer yet? I can't stop fidgeting in my seats, desperately waiting for time to pass so I can waste my mornings by sleeping in, laze about during hot afternoons lounging poolside, and then party all night at beach bonfires. Ah, I can't wait!! Not to mention that I am now more determined than ever to dress as fierce and chic as I hope to feel on the inside. I am hoping to go thrift store shopping and get some fabulously cheap pieces, and perhaps later splurging on some necessities in due time. There is just so much inspiration, I don't know what to do with it all! True, none which is being expressed via sketches. Actually, I'm hitting a little dry spot in my designs. I got my "wonderland" phase sucked dry, and now my notebook just sits in my bag, waiting to be used. But there's so much new stuff that I am exposing myself to, that it's kind of hard to translate all of that into something I am making up for others. I don't know, I don't want to force this, but my "future" is stressing me out a bit. How am I to be a fabulous designer if I can't even dress myself? In the mean time, I need a job so I can actually afford to attempt and dress stylish. But I'm so lazy. I hate schedules. Like you have to do something at this specific time. It'd would make me tied down, which I am so not down for because I always take things as they come. (Yet another reason why I despise school). I do what I want when I want, I hate commitments and specifics that stop me from doing so. Oh well, I'll bs it later. Kimora Lee Simmons show is distracting me at the moment, so perhaps I'll post some more later...even though I technically should be reading Julius Caesar on spark notes xD

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