Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in your head and I wonder...

A fun-filled day of shopping avec my friend Callie and my daddy! :o) I got some cute tops and a pair of shoes at Charlotte Russe and some vintage-inspired (but random print) swimsuit from JC Penny. It sounds dreadful, I know, but the pieces aren't all too bad. And swimsuit shopping was a totally a reality check. My thighs are MASSIVE! It was like an epic failure trying to find anything remotely flattering that wouldn't flaunt my cellulite rich butt cheeks, but I found a piece just as the store was closing that was alright. It will have to do however, and at least now I know that I shouldn't ever reach for a second helping of anything anymore. And perhaps I should start running again too. Ugh. Not looking forward to all this, even though I know that once I start I'll fall in love with it. It's the actual getting started part that is positively dreadful.

I find it hilarious how everyone thinks the apocalypse is drawing near due to the erratic weather. Last week was like 105 degrees, and it slightly cooled down as the days passed, but today was so random. It started off rather chilly, then it got sunny, cloudy, a small earth quake, pouring, hailing, constant thunder, sunny, cloudy, and then it's been sprinkling ever since with the occasional thunder. It's like the freaking planet is going bipolar. Anyway, if the world is in fact ending, I am more fascinated then afraid. There isn't any point in being scared anyway, especially if we are all going out together. And I am very much curious to see how it will all end. However, as interested as I am, I truly don't believe the world will explode any time soon.

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