Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tell me why it's always the same.

I finally convinced my sister to go to Newport with me for some shopping, but when we arrived, I was sadly disappointed. I mean, the stores were cute and all, but it was not the "boho chic" sort of style I thought I remembered it being. But my sister and I enjoyed an adorable late lunch at Mimi's Cafe, and then we had fun exploring a nearby shopping center (even though there was nothing there either).

While walking back to the car my sister and I passed by some cute/college looking boys, who must of been getting ready for a party because it looked like they were putting alcohol or something from the grocery store into the trunk of the car, and my sister said one of them was smiling and waving at us, but of course I didn't see. As we drove away, we ended up driving past them once more, and the driver opens the window and shouts "HEY!" but I was already well past them, but I stopped at the light and while they were making the turn from the next lane and passed us, they were all looking over smiling and one of them and I were like winking and blowing kisses at each other. And did I mention that they were CUTE? I felt bummed we weren't going in the same direction, because they looked like a lot of fun, but I know I couldn't of actually joined them anyway.

So, we headed back, but before reaching home we stopped by the Wet Seal at the Orange Mall and I bought a dress for Vegas! I am sooo excited, I really hope it all works out!! I tried finding the dress on the website to post here, but no luck. Oh well, hopefully I'll have pictures of me wearing it in sin city! ;)

So far what is going down is that I will be tagging along with my dad and his girlfriend to Vegas, and from there I plan on spending all day tanning by the pool and then all night exploring the city. I'm kinda mixed feeling about it all though. A part of me wouldn't mind being alone because I'd get a chance to just focus on me, do what I want, and maybe even make some new friends. Another part is terrified of being alone and afraid my shyness will get the best of me, and thus I'll end up being a bore. But I really do think it will be better going then not going at all, and who knows, maybe I'll have tons of fun adventures to blog about on here. :P

On a sadder note, I am still as insecure as ever. I think of my body as this toxic waste dump and I'm just getting so frustrated with it. True, I am not putting in any valid effort whatsoever, and even though I have all this motivation being offered to me, I just can't bring myself to do anything. Damn me. Maybe the hotel will have a gym and if it is too cold to tan (since it has been getting cloudy this week) I can just workout all day. Or night, if I can't find anything better to do.

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