Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vegas Day One: Friday

So the drive here took FOREVER with all the rain and traffic. Positively dreadful. What was supposed to be a 4 hour drive MAX ended up being between 5-6. I felt like a dog in a car, running around the back seat, trying to peek it's head outside the window to get a better view, and completely anxious to get there. For the most part all we passed by was desert, but there were some outlet stores that I am hoping we'll visit on the way back because I saw ones for American Eagle, Aeropostale, Michael Kors, and Guess. Anyway, when we finally did read Vegas, it truly was fabulous. And brace yourself; on the way there we passed by a Fendi, Dior, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel store. FREAKING I DIDN'T KNOW STORES WITH SUCH FABULOSITY EXISTED NEAR ME! Well, not that near me, but still...I almost died.

We got into our room, settled in, and got ready for our dinner reservation. Ends up my dad and Yanya come here so much they know the city like the back of their hand and have connections with some top restaurant owners. I felt like I was a celebrity or something!

Before dinner.

We got there by taxi (how cute!) and because my dad is buddies with the owner, ALL the waiters came over and literally began catering to our every need, bringing complementary appetizers and drinks. Oooh the drinks. I had this, chocolate martini thing, was it? I'm not sure, but it was alcoholic and it was chocolate. The craziest combination, but it was pretty good. Ended up having like two of those, and as I was going, I did get relatively drunk. And the waiter suddenly got SO attractive. But he wouldn't talk. He would just nod his head and avoid eye contact. Unlike the other one who was flirting with me, but that was boring. I was so attracted to this silent waiter, like I just wanted to take him to the back room or something Lol. So I'm drunk and "in love" and try winking at him, doing ANYTHING to get a reaction from him, but he literally would only nod and walk past. I was heart broken. Before we leave my dad and Yanya go to the restrooms and I am sitting in the waiting room when all the sudden my silent waiter walks over to me and says, "Hey I think you dropped this.", hands me a slip of paper, and walks away. And guess what the paper was? HIS NUMBER! I was so excited!! So I'm sitting there all jolly, when the flirty (and boring) waiter comes over and is all like, "So this is your first time in Vegas, huh? You should call me and I'll show you a good time!" and writes his number on another piece of paper and gives it to me. I GOT TWO NUMBERS ON ONE NIGHT. Like wtf? xD

We get in the taxi and drive along the strip, but by now I was texting the waiters and they were both all like, "Oh yeah I'll go down there after my shift." Supposedly neither of them realized they both had my numbers/were texting me. And I was too drunk to really care.

Views from the taxi.

We get back, and everyone ends up going their separate ways. I explored a bit, people watched, just entirely curious and attracted by the whole scene. By then flirty waiter and I's conversation ended, (probably when he realized he wasn't getting any), Jake was still trying to convince me that him, armin, aaron, and this other guy were coming down here, and silent waiter was telling me he'd come here eventually. But I was sick of waiting. I was horny as FUCK.

Silent waiter (Evan) did eventually come down, but he was a tad awakard, and by then my buzz wore down, no longer horny, and pretty exhausted. Let's see, this is a waiter who was terrified of my dad (because my dad is friends with his boss and is an attorney, etc), had tattoos and plugs, used to be in the army, and oh, is 25. And when he talked, he sounded like a hick. And what would you know, he's originally from Texas. So, though he is cute and his style is applaudable and he has tattoos and piercings, I was just not down. He walked around the hotel lobby, walked through "Paris", talking about whatever conversation starter I could think of to avoid any awakard silences, and then he walked me to my room, and walked away. There goes my "silent waiter" fantasy.

So yeah. Washed up the best I could with out waking up the parents, and got into bed. And now I'm sitting here nibbling danishes, waiting for Yanya to come back with my starbucks, and waiting for my dad to finish in the bathroom so I can shower. Today we are going to get massages, pedicures, and maybe shopping. I have the whole night to myself because the parents are going clubbing. Get ready for the next adventure :)

By the way; pictures were taken on my cell phone so excuse the size and poor quality.

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