Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vegas Day Two/Three: Saturday/Sunday

Raspberry Lemon Drop.

I will never drink again. At least, not for a long long long time. There is absolutely NOTHING charming or classy about stumbling out of a taxi with your own vomit dripping off of your dress, and you incapable of walking by yourself.

But I should probably start at the beginning. The day started off simply divine. Massages, pedicures, and shoe shopping! I got two pairs of FABULOUS heels and a pedicure to match one of the pairs of shoes. And a Swedish massage that was so relaxing. I felt like a queen! And there was no hangover from the night before, I was ready to take Vegas by storm and continue my explorations and experimentations.

Cathouse in the Luxor hotel.

So later that day we all got ready to go to dinner at the Cathouse in the Luxor hotel. And let me tell you, that place is amazing. But I don't feel like getting into the description, you can google it if you'd like. Let me just fast forward a bit, about four raspberry lemon drops later, I was drunk. Like, way drunk. Like, "omg I've never felt this loopy before" drunk. And I guess I called Aaron and was talking to him, supposedly telling him how cute I think he is and how horny I was (at least, that is what he was telling me when I called him this afternoon). Next thing I know is I'm in the taxi, being jerked about due to the fact that the driver was so awful, and I guess I told Aaron, "I'm going to throw up" and hung up. None of which I remember, but I do remember throwing up all over my dress, stopping at a gas station and throwing up some more, and next thing I know is I'm in the hotel room and I vaguely recall throwing up MORE.

Then around 5 in the morning I wake up feeling like the living dead. My makeup is all over my eyes, my hair feels like straw hay, the acidic taste of vomit is lingering in my mouth, and my contacts are totally dried out in my eyes. So I figured I'd get up and wash up a bit so I can sleep more comfortably. But half way in taking out my contacts, I fainted. And on the way down, I slammed by head against the shower. My dad was telling me that my eyes were open but my body was completely stiff, and I remember Yanya shaking me awake and I just wanted to die to make the nausea go away.

I could hardly sleep. My insides were all mixed around wanting to come out of me. My head was throbbing. My body stiff from the uncomfortable bed. Fuck me. Later I gathered the strength to take a shower (and I've never been so relieved to take a shower before) and sorta clean up my bed/clothes (because I clean when stressed), and I've been basically laying in bed ever since, drinking as much water as I can and slowly nibbling on a dry piece of toast. At first I was really repulsed by it, but it really has helped me feel SO much better. I attempted to watch TV but it made me get motion sickness or something (and plus nothing is good on anyway). And I called Lauren and Aaron and of course, they helped making me feel way better too.

As fun and crazy as my adventures have been, I can't wait to get home. See my darling sister, relax in my own room, and (hopefully) hang out with Aaron tomorrow! Vegas, you've definitely given me a memorial day weekend I will never forget!, I better start on that english essay that is due on in about...9 hours. That's plenty of time, but at the rate in which I am procrastinating, I need all the time I can get.

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Elana said...

michelle! i made a fashion blog! i havent written anything yet though.. but i will! i made this super cool banner thing for it on photoshop, but it said that it wont work... did you make yours on photoshop?

wow...what a weekend! i love how i can read your stories without you actually telling me...ok thats actually really creepy, but whatever. cant wait to hear if theres anymore! hope you feel better! (ill spare you the drinking lecture)-elana