Saturday, June 28, 2008

Electric Daisy

Electric Daisy is tonight!! I'm so excited and kind of nervous...I'm not exactly sure if any one of us in our group is very organized lol. Hopefully I'll get pictures to post here! (:

And if any of you would like to get in the mood:


Anonymous said...

ahhh i cant believe it's tonight!! have lots of fun! and takes a lottt of pictures...and try to sneak a video of benny benassi performing too please :]
have fun, be safe, and have a lot of stories to share! <3

Elana said...

HAVE FUN!! um...yes, BE SAFE..dont be a tease (haha kidding!)...i love you and hopefully ill see you monday! im leaving for a certain boy's house in a few minutes...hmmm...haha

Tinsley said...

have a great time!!

Tinsley said...

oh and make sure you have a post on how it went :)

ROBOTS said...

Wow, really good!
this song is very fun!


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