Saturday, June 14, 2008

queen of the castle that's made of sand.

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Today I did something I RARELY ever do...I walked into a Tilly's! But it wasn't so much as my own random impulse as it was my sister dangling her birthday gift cards to the store in front of me, and gift cards are practically free money, so I couldn't help myself. When I got in, it wasn't at all impressive. It's very much the cliché "bro" store that I always figured it would be, with the exception of a few cute (but basic) items.
A few of those pieces are featured above. They caught my eye, as they practically are my summer obsessions, and since I need an outfit for the Electric Daisy Carnival anyway...I figured I might as well snag them as a back up just in case I can't find anything else. What do you think? Of course, I still don't have my shoes, bottoms, hair, or makeup planned for this outfit yet, but I'm at a lost when it comes to thinking of what would look good with it. Should I stick with this combination or try something else entirely?
Oh, and the problem with most jean shorts is that they are too short and my thunder thighs would probably engulf everyone with it's blubber. And for shoes, I'd prefer heels because they make my legs look leaner, but at the same time, it's going to be A LOT of walking and comfortable is a factor...but so is looking hot. And since it is a rave, I am allowed to be obnoxiously fabulous :P

Please give me some suggestions!

Oh! & if you need inspiration to get into the "rave" mood, here's
Castaway by Benny Benassi (he's playing at EDC!! :D):


Elana said...

you got a studded belt? jealous! now you need a cute floral dress! you could go totally punk and do jean shorts and black converse...mix it up by using a flouncy mini skirt (see Luella spring 08) (and kind of proenza schouler with the tough on top, girly on bottom) could pull a me by putting an oversized cardigan with the belt on top and then jean shorts or skirt and black gladiators. if you do the cardigan you could do converse without it looking too punk...and of course in any circumstance, there is always the vest option! ok sorry thats long but hope it helps!

Wendy said...

I can see the outfit with a pair of light washed denim shorts (Alexander Wang). The studded belt is an amazing accessory.

On Track said...

I am in love with that studded belt, it reminds me of a recent shoot Kate Moss did in Vogue :D

Fashion Addict said...

love the belt!

I know what you mean about short shorts! I have big thighs and I'm also short, which makes things worse. And I prefer heels, just like you said, it'll make me legs look leaner...

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love the nu-rave look!!

the bright neon colors!!

love it!!

the studded belt is so fierce!!

try match with bright neon legging

Owner of this space ;) said...

the tops combination is great and the belt will finish it off brilliantly, if your going for real all out there rave style then i say invest in some neon body paint and stripe your skin so you'll look all raver like! me and my friends went to an underground rave last week and we bought some bright red lipstick - put it on and kissed each others arms! it gave a great effect - great blog, enjoy... - x

ellie said...

Lucky you. You could really use these with so much as a "skirt" idea. You know, light weight sweater over it..for the work place. Then you could take that off for your adventures at night with the right shoes.

It all depends what you like..or what you do. You know, the scene queen route(fishnets or skinny jeans), clubbing.

Lots of ideas.

yiqin; said...

I want a studded belt too!!! Awesome awesome awesome!

That Girl said...

I like the combo.
I love a soft shirt with a hard
studded belt!


Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, i really love this look, i think it goes well, and yeh jean shorts would look good, or washed out skinny jeans? But a floral skirt would look quite cute. Oh it's a sea of endless possibilities, haha
check my blog out

kitty kate said...

queen of the castle queen of the castle!
i agree with elena. converse would rock this outfit. but then it might be to punk.... maybe heels? how about a chunky wedge?? wedges are easier to walk in and more also get the hottness factor with wedge.
good luck! love the belt!

yeah cut off jean shorts would be cute too.........or maybe a bandage skirt f/ american apparel??

Miss at la Playa said...

that is too "disco-ish" for me...

I like the belt! :)

chauss said...

love the belt! can you do jean shorts with black tights under-neath with black booties?

She's Dressing Up said...

Love what youve picked so far, esp the belt!!

Rose said...

*thanks for the ultra sweet comment*

i'll probably get that neon pink top and the belt! i love the belt, it's cool;)

Anonymous said...

aww make sure u think of me while ur there!! love the tanks and the studded belt!! and for heels id say go for wesges since there's more support and theyre more comfortable if u must wear heels. and white shorts? i think so its a RAVE its about glowing...and of course an uber amount of glowsticks :]