Friday, June 20, 2008


5 Things found in my purse:
1. cell phone
2. mac compact/powder
3. lip gloss
4. hello kitty lighter (tehe)
5. car/house keys

5 Things found in my wallet:
1. school i.d.
2. spare change
3. sanrio store bonus cards
4. seal deal club card
5. peta stickers
(I hardly use my wallet lol)

5 Favorite things in my room:
1. my bed!
2. my closet
3. my red walls
4. Buddha portrait
5. vintage Jimi Hendrix poster

5 Things I've always wanted to do:
1. Travel Europe and Asia
2. Become a modern "club kid"
3. Skydive
4. Start my fashion line
5. Get my tattoos and piercings done

5. Things I'm currently into:
1. Shopping
2. Blogging
3. Partying
4. Partying
5. Partying

5 impressions of my tagger:
1. She's very real
2. has an almost hippie twist to her
3. such a sweet heart
4. a style that is very much her own
5. takes beautiful photos

I was tagged by Vintage Vinyl! And now I'm tagging Qin At The Disco, bi-style, The Blog with the Red Sole, Fashion Is Poison, and fashion chalet.


yiqin; said...

Thank you for tagging me! :) I'll do it soon!

di said...

I also want to travel to Europe and Asia!


Thanks for the tag (2 in one day!) I will get to it this weekend. Please, please remind me. =)

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

what tattoos and piercings? elaborate.
BTW I wanna see partying outfits!

Tinsley said...

ohh your a vegetarian? thats very cool :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

thanks for tagging me sweetie! i'll be responding soon and with a pic of my purse :) <3