Thursday, June 12, 2008

make my heart beat double time.

It's FINALLY summer! I remember starting an online count down when there was about 130 days to go...and now it's done! To me, this summer means getting tan and skinny mixed in with nonstop parties and celebrations. But technically summer isn't truly official until you can't distinct what happened that day or during the past days because everything is just blended into one. Yesterday and today were amazingly fabulous. Sorry, but the details shall remain ambiguous, I'm sure you can understand :)
omg. I just feel SOO good right now. sorry for the randomness, but it's just so superb, I can't help it!.


Ida said...

It is really awesome when someone's being so shamelessly happy!! Loving it!

Elana said...

hmm...someones there a story involved here? haha FINALLY summer! ok the four of us definitely need to make plans! oh how do you want to send the pics?